We can provide you with a diverse range of voices with our parent and youth ambassadors who can bring their insights, knowledge and experiences to media or events with authenticity and heart.

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Naomi McNamara and Isabelle

Isabelle and her family first told their story on ABC’s groundbreaking Four Corners program ‘Being Me’. The story had a profound impact and began a wider public discussion about transgender children and the legal obstacles they face. Naomi and Isabelle spoke at Parliament House, Canberra in 2016 about their experiences, their fears around the Family Court process and their plea for understanding and action. They also attended a Parliamentary sitting in Canberra with their local member, Cathy McGowan to highlight these issues. Naomi and Isabelle speak eloquently and from the heart about the impact of discrimination as well as the impact of the right support at the right time.

Beck Hasting and Maddi

Maddi was the first transgender child to appear on Australian television when she was interviewed with her parents on the SBS program Insight in 2013, aged 7. Since then she has become a tireless advocate for trans kids and a champion for diversity. You can watch Maddi’s story here.

Beck and Maddi will take you on their personal journey from concern and fear to acceptance and freedom.

Celeste de Vis and Charlotte

Celeste de Vis is the founder of Rainbow Connections on the Mornington Peninsula, a youth group for trans and gender diverse children under the age of 12. Celeste has a Diploma in Family Support and has worked in the family support sector, which made her the perfect person to create a group that would provide a community for kids and their families in the Mornington Shire. Celeste and Charlotte have a story to tell that will help many understand raising a trans/gender diverse child who is also neuro-divergent.

Rainbow Connections

Sarah Kipnis and Oliver

Sarah and Oliver eloquently describe their journey of love and acceptance. Both are passionate advocates for trans children and great supporters of the incredible work of the RCH Gender Service. You can read more about Oliver and his family here.