Medical / Health / Counselling

Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service (children up to 17yrs)

The Royal Children’s Hospital: Saving Lives

Gender Clinic Monash Health(17yrs-adult)


AusPATH Service Providers

Check for service providers in your state or territory

Preston Trans and Gender Diverse Clinic

Located at Your Community Health, Preston (PANCH) Health Centre

300 Bell Street, Preston, VIC 3072

(03) 8470 1111

Drummond Street

Queerspace Drummond St

Northside Clinic

Prahran Market Clinic


Linda Midalia Psychology




Diversity in Health

Community/Support Groups

Transcend Families Tasmania

A safe and welcoming face to face and online peer support network for the parents/carers of trans, gender diverse and non-binary children, adolescents and young people (parents of adult children welcome)

Transcend Australia

Transcend Facebook

TransFamily: face to face support for families and friends of trans folk.

Rainbow Network connect to more services

Ygender peer led social support and advocacy group for trans and gender diverse young people.

Minus18 Australia’s largest youth-led network for LGBT teens

Kaleidoscope Youth and Family Support group. Banyule 

Transgender Victoria  Aims to achieve justice and equity for *trans people, their partners, families and friends.

Zoe Belle Gender Collective Promoting well-being for the trans and gender diverse community of Victoria

Seahorse Victoria Supporting the Transgender Community since 1975.

Education / Sport

Safe Schools Victoria

Victorian Government School’s Gender Diversity Policy


Pride in Victorian Sport

Guidelines: Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion in Sport