Transcend is thrilled to advise that a decision in re:Kelvin by the Full Bench of the Family Court handed down on November 30th 2017 has overturned the wrong decision in re:Jamie 2013.

This means no adolescent eligible for stage 2 hormonal treatment for Gender Dysphoria is required to seek orders or declarations from the Family Court of Australia to access that treatment. It’s over!

The community can be rightly proud of how we have worked towards this goal over many, many years and finally achieved it, with special thanks to Kelvin and his family for bringing it home!

We must never forget this awful chapter in the lives of trans and gender diverse children. Which is why we are not removing the bulk of the information on this page. It is our duty as a community to remember, because the consequences of this terrible time will live with these young people long into the future. There needs to be healing, love and care for so many who have been wounded, body and soul by this law.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Winston Churchill.

Organisations like Justice Connect and the Inner City legal service will still provide legal support for trans and gender diverse young people and their families when required and will adjust their programs to suit evolving needs. You can still rely on them as a source of legal advice and support.

You can read the full judgement in re:Kelvin here

The Age ‘I want control over my body’: Transgender kids in landmark ruling.
Pink News ‘Life-changing ruling means transgender children can get hormone treatment without a judge’s approval.

Family Court announcement

Just after 12.20pm today, the landmark decision was made that transgender adolescents set to receive stage two treatment will no longer have to go before the Family Court. Here's the reaction today at the RCH as the decision was announced. The full story is on our website. https://blogs.rch.org.au/news/2017/11/30/kelvin-family-court-announcement/

Posted by The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Legal Support

You can find excellent pro bono legal support below.

Justice Connect’s Stage2 Access program

Inner City Legal Service



Georgie Stone for Justice Connect

Georgie Stone and her family have been at the forefront of trying to remove this onerous and discriminatory obstacle.

Georgie’s case re: Jamie was the centre of a landmark ruling by the Full Bench of the Family Court of Australia that removed Stage 1 treatment (pubertal suppression) from the court’s jurisdiction.  In March 2017, Georgie took a petition to the federal Parliament with almost 16,000 signatures which she presented to the Attorney General, George Brandis, Shadow Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus and Green’s Leader, Richard Di Natale asking for tri-partisan support for legislation to be tabled removing the Family Court’s jurisdiction in the medical treatment of trans teens. #TransTeensRights