Transcend was founded in 2012 by Rebekah Robertson. It is a grassroots, unfunded support network and was the first parent led peer support network for the families of transgender children in Australia. In 2007, when Rebekah was desperately searching for information and support in regard to her child, Georgie Stone’s gender identity there was none to be found here in Australia.

Rebekah named this support network Transcend as it was a positive affirmation that families and the children they love and support could overcome the difficulties they may face in raising a transgender child. Not simply survive, but transcend them and thrive. Since then Transcend has connected hundreds of families to medical, legal and educational support services as well as parent/carer communities around Australia.

Run on a totally voluntary basis, we have worked alongside other community organisations to promote and support programs which help trans and gender diverse kids reach their full potential. Among these organisations are the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service, Justice Connect, Safe Schools Coalition and the Victorian Government LGBTIQ Reference Group.

Transcend also raises funds for the RCH Gender Service through our auxiliary. All funds raised go directly to the service and support research and other initiatives. Transcend has fiercely advocated for law reform around access to medical treatment for trans teens for the past ten years. Founder Rebekah Robertson has now been joined by her equally determined daughter Georgie Stone, who’s personal story ‘About A Girl’ captured hearts and minds when it aired on Australian Story in August 2016.